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16 years of PC optimization experience

Home users will find this program a good choice for keeping their PCs clean
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Buy System Cleaner at 34.95 € and we will give you Total Privacy, the safe and easy-to-use privacy protection software, ABSOLUTELY FREE.

System Cleaner (for up to 3 PCs)
34.95 €
Total Privacy (for up to 3 PCs)
22.95 €   FREE

Pointstone's System Cleaner is equipped to give you what you need to take good care of your PC and help it run at its best.

System Cleaner Benefits:

  • Fixes system problems that slow your PC down
  • Tunes up and optimizes the Windows Registry
  • Restores your hard drive's performance
  • Removes space-wasting temporary files and other unnecessary disk clutter
  • Optimizes network & internet settings

Total Privacy Benefits:

  • Supports all major browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Google Chrome)
  • Comes with over 450 plugins that extend the cleaning to many third-party programs
  • Wipes Disks to prevent recovery of previously deleted files
  • Military-Grade File Eradication
  • One-Touch and Automated Cleaning Options
  • Cleans the dreadful index.dat files